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Easy Application

The GreenRevive HydroSeeding Lawn Solution attaches to any garden hose, making it simple to apply the hydroseeding mixture evenly across your lawn. This user-friendly design ensures that anyone can use the product to achieve professional-looking results.

Versatile and Effective for Various Lawn Issues

The GreenRevive HydroSeeding Lawn Solution is suitable for addressing a range of lawn problems, including dry spots, dog spots, high traffic areas, and shade. This versatile solution allows you to target specific problem areas and restore your lawn to its full potential.


โœ…ย Fast and Effective Results: With the hydroseeding technology, seeds germinate within 4-7 days and provide complete coverage in just 17 days. This rapid growth ensures that you can quickly transform patchy, barren areas into a lush, green lawn.

โœ…ย Safe for Pets and Children: Made from 100% safe, all-natural ingredients, the product poses no risk to pets and children. One week after the grass is completely covered, your lawn will be ready for your family and pets to enjoy without any concerns about harmful chemicals.

โœ…ย Insect Control: The upgraded formula not only promotes healthy grass growth but also helps to eliminate common lawn pests such as crickets, carpenter ants, harvester ants, ladybugs, and ear borers. This provides up to 12 weeks of insect control, ensuring a healthier and more enjoyable outdoor space.


Material: PP+ABS

Size: 24 x 23 x 13cm/ 9.44 x 9.06 x 5.12in


1ใ€Will rain wash spray-on grass seeds away?

No, a typical rain storm my wash away some of the green coloring that comes with your hydroseed but it shouldn’t displace the grass seeds. If you get an exceptionally heavy storm right after hydroseeding and you have an erosion-prone lawn there may be some issues, but this is typically not a concern.

2ใ€Do birds eat spray-on grass seed?

While it’s always difficult to keep birds away from seeds, generally birds will keep away from hydroseed because the mulch component of the spray-on seed is not something they want to eat. Hydroseed, especially when professionally applied, is driven into the soil as opposed to sitting on top of it, which also discourages birds.

3ใ€Can you use spray-on grass seed on a hill?

Spray-on grass seed will work on a hill but you should avoid putting it on extremely steep slopes as it can cause run-off and clumping of your seeds lower down the hill than you’d like.

PLANTING TIME: Pour the entire bag of grass seed and liquid into the canister.

With the dial in the off position, connect the hose and turn on the water.

Rotate the dial to “light seed ill the canister 34 full of water, then turn the water off for at least 1 minute.

This allows for the proper coating of the seeds. Once you’ve waited 1 minute, turn the water on to start seeding!


Jeff K
Verified Buyer
Great Product

Used for the first time this summer and it works great. Just be sure to water a lot.

Tara W
Verified Buyer
I would buy it again!

Review by Tara W. on 23 Nov 2020review stating I would buy it again!

Michael B
Verified Buyer

Just a note to make mention of one of my experiences with Grotrax. This is my third goaround with our roll-a-lawn project, and I am definitely pleased with the product. I've laid out 3 rolls of the product now, and the first went very well, overall, with small spots here and there that should be easily covered, but the 3rd roll was the dandy. We lRead more about review stating HELD UP DESPITE MY BLUNDERaid it out 3 days before what we thought would be mild showers. Wrong, it wound up being a 20 hr rainstorm. 1/2" of rain. It survived. I feel lucky, grateful and undeterred

Scott B
Verified Buyer
Fills in missing grass patches perfectly

This is perfect for filling in missing grass patches perfectly! Just lay it down water it daily and within a few weeks your grass will grow up nice and green. Super low maintenance and easy to care for. I was amazed and will be purchasing more. I highly recommend the tall fescue!

Verified Buyer
3 Weeks, looking great!

This was my 4th try to get a lawn in our So Cal partially sunny backyard. 1/2 the yard is direct sun, the other is always in shade. After 3 weeks, we have beautiful green grass sprouting, can't wait to see the final results after all product has been absorbed.

Gary L
Verified Buyer
Perfect For Patching

The product worked great for an uneven area of our lawn. We were never able to get grass to grow in that area until we used Grotrax Quick Fix Roll. The product was very easy to install. It began showing growth in 2-3 weeks. We would definitely recommend this product and use again!

Caro S
Verified Buyer
My new lawn

Great product I had tried to grow grass for many years without good results until I used Grotrax, will recommend to any one having problems with a large area to grow grass

Tina W
Verified Buyer
Grotrax results

Before Grotrax I had tried many types of seeds with very to little success. The product was easy to install and the grass came in nicely. The key is to water it well which at first I wasnโ€™t doing but once I did it came in beautifully. Would definitely recommend!

Verified Buyer
Highly Recommend

I purchased 2 rolls to help with yellow spots from my puppies and to try and help bare spots that Iโ€™ve struggled with for the past 2 years after laying sod twice. This product works, it may take a couple attempts because my puppies ran through it and dug up some areas but the places they didnโ€™t mess with are coming up great just after 3 weeks. MakRead more about review stating Highly Recommende sure to keep the product wet to ensure the seed roots can penetrate the soil. I over watered to keep my pups from moving it and it still produced grass! I highly recommend this product.

Margaret C
Verified Buyer
Best product ever for lawn repair and patches!!

I tried everything in my yard and wasted money buying seeds.. nothing work till GROTRAX. I couldn't believe how easy it was to install and maintain.. After 3 weeks, grass started to sprout!I I couldn't be happier with this product! It's awesome! I highly recommend it. I both both sizes! Very easy to cut to size!

Verified Buyer
Great Product and Easy to use

I was hesitant to purchase this product at first. I did purchase and it is amazing. It is as simple as they say it is. Roll out and water. The key is to water it a couple times a day. We used the product to fix the yard from replacing our sidewalk. Grew it perfectly. A product that actually works. Would recommend.

Verified Buyer

We tried everything in our back yard wasted money buying seeds trying all different kinds of grass and nothing work till GROTRAX! It is pretty awesome design our main problem was the rain washed aways all the seed but with Grotrax seeds stay in place and you can grow beautiful grass in days!

Christopher R.
Verified Buyer
A product that does what it says!

Easy enough to use and just as they said..... Grass in 3 weeks! I'm sure your results will vary based on how well you prep the area, but I got this to work on an area that would never take seed for the last 13 years. I am very happy and definitely recommend.

Verified Buyer
Ms Alix Singh

I had to remove all of my grass due to foxtails. I bought the Gro trax and within 3 weeks I had fully grown grass๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ˜

Emily K
Verified Buyer
It really works

I wasn't sure it was going to work in our yard, we have a lot of washout due to drainage issues but sure enough even with heavy rainfall we now have grass in an area that was totally bare before!! Will purchase again for other areas!

Karen M
Verified Buyer
Worked Great

After landscapers left there were a few areas where I ran out of sod but buying another whole pallet was not needed so I tried GroTrax in those areas. So, far so good it is coming up nicely. Hopefully by spring it will be in full bloom to match the rest of the yard. It was very easy to install and cutting it to fit areas was a breeze. GA does not Read more about review stating Worked Greatget that cold in the winter so hopefully I did not put it down to late in the season and it survives the winter months. Great product will buy more for a couple other areas I need to cover.

Gary B
Verified Buyer
I'm a believer!!!

I've had a problem area in my yard for years. Thought about spending a lot of money to hardscape the area and then on a whim tried Grotrax and I'm so glad I did. In one week I had grass growing and not just a little, beautiful, lush green grass. Great product!

Jackie C
Verified Buyer

We purchased 2 rolls of this in August. It was exactly as described, came up & is absolutely beautiful grass!!! Will definitely use it whenever needed from now on. Thank you so much Grotrax.

Robert S
Verified Buyer
Fixing damaged Lawn

Had drought-like weather and very hot temps this summer. Just laid first section of Grotrax. So simple for DIYers. Can't wait to see the full lawn come in!

Easy to use
Verified Buyer
Easy to use

We purchased the Grotrax quick fix roll to repair spots on our lawn. It did exactly what is says it will do. It was easy to handle ( which is great for us at 78-86 year olds) and instructions were easy to follow. This was an easy choice since it met our need. plan on ordering more in the spring. Thanks Highly recommend using this product.

Verified Buyer
Bermudarye Mix test run

Rolled out 50 sq. ft. of Bernudarye Mixture in three different spots in my yard to see how this product works. I followed the instructions to prep and water the roll correctly and in just 8 days I had grass sprouting. I am happy with the result so far. The big question is how well it will survive the winter and comeback even better and thicker. I Read more about review stating Bermudarye Mix test runhave grotrax in shady and sunny areas and its coming in completely.

Jeanette H
Verified Buyer
So Far So Good

Purchased role, patched dog maybe rabbit pee spot, in two weeks time, has grown better than I expected. Will see how it grows before it gets too cold here in Virginia. So far so good. Will consider doing back yard. Would like to know if it will grow if laid down on cardboard boxes covered with dirt? Cardboard blocks weed growth.

Verified Buyer
Easy to use

This product has made growing grass much easier. After a little prep, just roll it out and water.

Ronn H
Verified Buyer
Easy Install, Growing Perfectly!!!

We purchased 10, 100sqft rolls which we laid on September 14 & 15 (my wife and I alone, both 75 years old). We watered faithfully 3 times every day (dry weather spell!). Easy instruction to follow. Today the grass is 1-1/2 to 2 inches tall and growing daily. This was the easiest lawn we ever installed, and it worked just as advertised. WeRead more about review stating Easy Install, Growing Perfectly!!! are very pleased with the lawn, and looking forward to using this product again!

Art N.
Verified Buyer
Art Nimrod

I was skeptical after reading the add, but decided to try it. It turned out to be the real thing. It was easy to lay out and then keep it watered and a beautiful area of new grass grew. I would recommend its use.

Denny W.
Verified Buyer
Does the job!

I put this product down two weeks ago and already see very positive results! Be sure to read and follow the instructions. You'll be very happy!

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