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Introducing Flip’n’Cook, the revolutionary silicone pancake mold that’s changing the breakfast game! This innovative 2-in-1 design marvel combines the ease of a mold with the joy of cooking, allowing you to flip and cook your favorite pancakes in seconds. The secret to Flip’n’Cook’s success lies in its ergonomic, user-friendly structure, empowering you to create perfect pancakes effortlessly.

Revolutionary 2-in-1 Design for Effortless Breakfasts: Flip’n’Cook isn’t just a mold; it’s a breakfast revolution. Its unique multi-cavity design lets you cook multiple pancakes at once, ensuring each one is perfectly shaped and evenly cooked. Just pour, flip, and serve!

Premium Silicone for Health-Conscious Cooking: Made with top-tier, food-safe silicone, Flip’n’Cook guarantees not only delectable but also healthy pancakes. Its high-temperature resistance makes it a versatile tool, perfect for any kitchen setup, be it stovetop or oven.


Full Functionality for Culinary Creativity: More than just pancakes, Flip’n’Cook is your companion for a variety of breakfast options. Whip up fluffy omelets, artistic cakes, or even savory treats with ease. Its broad functionality makes it an indispensable tool for every culinary enthusiast.

Convenient and Safe: Designed with your safety and convenience in mind, Flip’n’Cook features a non-stick surface for seamless pancake release and effortless cleaning. Dishwasher safe, it simplifies your post-cooking routine, allowing you more time to enjoy your delicious creations.

User-Friendly and Easy to Clean: Using Flip’n’Cook is a breeze. Place it on a flat pan, pour in your batter, and let the magic happen. When you’re done, a simple rinse or a cycle in the dishwasher is all it takes to get it ready for its next use. 

Embrace a new era of pancake making with Flip’n’Cook. Perfect for family breakfasts, parties, or even outdoor adventures, it’s your shortcut to quick, easy, and flawlessly shaped pancakes. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional pancake preparation and hello to efficiency, enjoyment, and excellence with Flip’n’Cook!


Verified Buyer

Made small blueberry pancakes with this mold. The mold gives the pancake enough depth to contain the blueberries. Have tried it with eggs and it works. It is heat resistant and easy to clean. A nice addition to the kitchen.

Mark Langston
Verified Buyer

While my first batch didn't turn out all that well (I got impatient and flipped it too soon) this product worked as advertised.PROS:Allows you to make silver dollar pancakes quickly and in bulk. Great for a family that needs to feed multiple mouths and spending less time cooking and more time eating. Each cup holds a good amount of batter and allows for easy customization like adding chocolate chips, fruit, bacon bits, sausage crumbles, syrup or whatever you want in the middle of your pancake. The reality is that is a very versatile product that goes beyond just making pancakes, though that's its main function and appeal.CONS:The product didn't sit completely flat with in the pan but the leakage wasn't that bad, which means some of the pancakes won't turn out perfectly round but that's a nitpick. Unless you're entering a pancake beauty pageant this will get the job done allowing you to make loads of mini flapjacks in less time.One option is to hold down the non-flush areas for a minute or two after pouring the batter. Because it's silicon it doesn't get hot, but of course use caution when sticking your hand close to a hot pan.FINAL VERDICT:This is a great product and I look forward to trying out other things like making mini breakfast sliders by using two cups for pancake mix, another with scrambled egg and another with a breakfast sausage!

Verified Buyer

I like how you can knock out 7 silver dollar pancakes with easy. The silicone makes it a breeze to clean up by throwing it in the dish washer. It is non stick and the handles are nice and include a hole to hang the mold from. This lost 1 star because it doesn't sit flat and you do get some leakage. Over all not bad

Verified Buyer

Great to have if you are feeding a large family/group of people.I tried it both in a fry pan and on a flat electric griddle and can say it definitely worked better on the griddle than in the fry panIt didn't lay completely flat on the griddle surface thus some egg white leaked between the circle sections, but not a deal breaker for me personally.Trick is to be patient and have your heat on low so they cook slowly and evenly. It worked great with some cheese or veggies into the mold sections with your eggs.

S Newlin
Verified Buyer

On Sundays we always make big breakfast is. I got this because my son loves a little pancakes and this works great pancakes. You can add fruit in them. You can use it for eggs. I think what I like most about it when you crack an egg, your egg stays together, and it’s not broken like I always break eggs Great quality it’s made of rubber.

Christopher Lawson
Verified Buyer

My girlfriend is the cook in the house and she's always trying new recipes so when i saw this I had to get it for her. She loved it and ended up making mini pancakes, eggs, and more with it. It's super easy to clean and flexible.

Verified Buyer

I pictured myself in pancake heaven, making healthy pancakes at home on cool autumn/winter days. So I got this pancake mold and mixed up some Trader Joe's Buttermilk Protein Pancake mix, which is a just add water and sugar free pancake mix, and started pouring away into the 7 little holes. The pancake mold fit my fry pan well. Even though the box said heat for 2-3 minutes on each side the pancakes didn't seem to easily lift out with the mold after several minutes. I tried this twice and both times ended up with a big mess, not being able to carefully lift the mold, turn them over and finish the cooking. I've never been a big maker of pancakes up to now, so I think I need to work on my technique and maybe also fiddle around with some recipes that maybe contain some egg to help things along. This TJ's box mix might not be the best mix for starting out. But this all being said, this mold seems to have a lot of potential. It's well made and stays cool and in my case lays flat and seems ready to go, albeit with the right recipe. So for now I'd give this four stars, and will try to up my pancake game with the help of this bright red gadget somehow ;)

Verified Buyer

Handy mold is great for making a big batch of perfectly sized eggs circles for english muffin breakfast sandwiches. Also great for making mini pancakes.Easy clean, just throw into my dishwasher or a quick rinse off is all you need.A definite time saver in the kitchen!

Verified Buyer

The silicone mold serves nicely to cook both eggs and pancakes as advertised. No heat transfer as one would expect with the use of silicone. The unit itself is a little larger than my normal skillet I use for cooking breakfast, so it 'flops' over the sides, lifting the edges a bit on some of the molds and causing some leakage, but that's not a negative for the product, but rather incentive for me to use the bigger pan so the molds can lay flat. The circumference of the individual molds could stand to be slightly larger - fine as is but for pancakes they seem a mite bit to 'mini.'Easy to clean if you remember to spray some non-stick in there prior to use. It'll release easily and makes washing a breeze.Recommended.

Enrique R.
Verified Buyer

My wife had wanted to get her hands on one of these silicone multi-pancake maker and now that she has, it's pretty much her go-to kitchen utensil for making breakfast. Whether it's mini-pancakes or some egg recipe that she can think of, she's simply happy with this. The thing she loves the most: it saves her time. For a family of five, it has been a blessing.

Verified Buyer

I love this little gadget! We have been using it to make perfectly round eggs for biscuit or English muffin sandwiches. I also used it to make some silver dollar pancakes for my toddler. Both winners! Cleans easily, fits down in the pan, and lifts out easily by the side tabs.

Julio Giraldo
Verified Buyer

This is a nice silicone mold for making pancakes and eggs.When using, make sure the temperature is not too high and the surface is very flat. Pans with sides tend to lift the edges of the mold and that allows batter or eggs to leak through.Overall, I like the mold but I think it could be a little thicker and heavier so it doesn’t lift up so easily in regular pans.

Verified Buyer

Great price and saves so much time. This silicone held up great on the stove. I used it to make tiny pancakes and it works amazingly. No issues and I recommend grabbing this. I’m using it next to do eggs or pancakes again on the blackstone griddle

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