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  • With its dual-pronged tip, you can easily create a clean and precise line, giving you perfectly defined lower lashes every single time.
  • It’s a multi-tasking wonder – You can use it to create flawless lower lashes, define your brow line, outline your eyes, and even enhance your hairline. Give it a try and see for yourself!

  • Not just versatile, but a true multitasker.

  • Perfect for beginners with its ultra-fine tip and dual-pronged tip!

  • Don’t settle for a cluttered makeup bag! You can achieve most of your makeup looks with just one pen! From perfecting your eyeliner to defining your brows, the Two Prong Eyeliner has got you covered. So, what are you waiting for?


Package includes

  • A Double Tip Eyelash Pencil


Care instructions

  • Store In A Cool, Dry Place.

  • Gently Wipe To Remove Dust. 



  • Due to variations of light and color settings of computer/personal device screens, colors may appear slightly different from photographic images.

  • Due to the manufacturing process, sizes of items listed in descriptions are approximate and actual size may vary slightly.


Karolina Millington
Verified Buyer

I love this eyebrow tint pen!!! Most of one of my eyebrows is gone (due to a childhood injury), and this pen is the ONLY one I have found that can draw "hair-like" lines and stays all day!! I turn the pen so that it draws only very thin lines, and it can take a little longer than drawing with a regular eyebrow pencil - but it's SO worth it! (I hold the pen so the bristles are horizontal, when applying this. I also store the pen with the bristles facing down, so the ink flows into the bristles better). This pen has more of a "liquid" that flows out through the bristles. I highly recommend this pen!

Evelina Holman
Verified Buyer

I have found my new favorite eyebrow pencil. I can't believe the difference! It really does look natural. I have a lot of gray in my eyebrows and have always used brow liner with a fine tip that I can "feather" on, but this does all the feathering. It's so easy!

Sahib Cortez
Verified Buyer

This is a good product. It definitely makes my brows look fuller. I also still use a touch of brow pencil and/or brow powder in addition to this product. I have had no problems with it smearing. In fact, it doesn’t even come off when I sweat during my workout. It’s very important to apply the product lightly and then if you need more, after it dries, apply more. It took me several times to get it right for my brows. Don’t give up because it’s a good product!

Courtnie Montes
Verified Buyer

This product doesn’t just fill in your brows and then you have to try to make them look real. It actually makes strokes that look like actual brows. It takes some practice, but you can watch videos to see the best way to do it. Try this before buying an expensive brand that just makes you look weird!

Maliha Dickinson
Verified Buyer

I have really scarce eyebrows and honestly this makes my brows look natural and full. I love this product so much!

Tala Dixon
Verified Buyer

I came across this bad boy scrolling on YouTube. I for the life of me cannot draw on my brows freehanded and it was driving me mad. I had them waxed once and they haven't been the same since. They take FOREVER to grow back so now I don't trust people touching this. This however is the answer to my eyebrow prayers. It's so easy to use and functional. I have NEVER had my brows look so good. EVER! It even made my brows look feathery. I'm stocking up on these from now on!

Dion Silva
Verified Buyer

I haven't used a brow pen so long....they always looked so fake compare to more modern pencils, powders, creams, etc. But after reading a lot about this I decided it was worth a try.... And i was surely NOT disappointed this time...in fact i was beyond impressed. I have naturally thin brows and as a red head they are virtually invisible(doesn't help i did a lot of over picking in my younger years) Usually on a typical day I use a brow pencil, powder, and a tinted gel. If you're a beginner to the brow game it may take a couple uses to get the perfectly natural look but I couldn't believe on my first use i didn't need any inert products to fill in color anywhere.

Andrea Mathews
Verified Buyer

When I saw the cap on the soft brown I thought OH dear this is too light for me. But when applied it filled in and really matched my eyebrows, My eyebrows are a dark brown. I am older so I needed something to fill them in.. I love the stroke marks better than a pencil that looks fake. This product does look like hairs, I am very happy with it. It does take practice. The first time I made some errors but a slightly wet tissue took it right off. Second time I was much better. I still need to improve but again they were great as they were.

Cora Beard
Verified Buyer

Very Nice Product! Tried Many Eye Brow Pencils & this one’s BEST by far! Love it! New Fav! Great quality, product & Nice Angled Tip/ Good Applicator For Natural Separated Hair-Like Look.

Anum Adamson
Verified Buyer

Yes! Yes! Yes! Getting older, we women experience thinning hair, including eyebrows. I found a regrowth serum that helps but THIS PRODUCT fills in the gaps and gives me confidence in normal looking brows. Simply bend the wick on your hand to get the fluid moving, almost like a paint-pen. Don’t jab it down. Just swipe with pressure on hand and then glide it over thinner areas in brow. So don’t just use it and go. It’s a learning curve. Practice a few times. I love it.

Fraya Corbett
Verified Buyer

Being very fair complected and now gray, I have absolutely no eyebrows or eyelashes without applying color. A blank pallet. I used to use a brow pen and slowly draw in all the feathering lines. This is so much quicker. If I want to fill in more I use the point between lines. I find this very easy to apply. I take off all my makeup at night but not the brows. In the morning they are still there, even though I am a side sleeper.

Cheyanne Contreras
Verified Buyer

I am a blonde blonde, meaning even my eyebrows are blonde. I will dray on fake eyebrows, they look stupid. This wonderfully product is very different! Yes you are technically drawing on lines but it looks so realistic and loose like they should be. Took me till I was 71 years old for them to make it. Need it even more now.. But it REALLY WORKS. The blonde is just enough to actually color your brows. You won't be sorry!! Buying more right away, blonde sells fast.

Lina Palacios
Verified Buyer

I can not say enough good things about this product. It's easy to match, low price, easy to apply, non-smudging, long lasting, but also easy to take off when you're ready. I have one eyebrow that's essentially missing the outer half due to 2 different scars/accidents. I still get my brows waxed, and as a result, that eyebrow needs to be filled daily. This product is the first one I've found that gives me a natural look- it's not obvious half my brown is colored in. It somehow manages to make it look nice and full, like there was actually hair/texture there, and for the first time in year, I'm confident my eyebrows look symmetrical. I also don't need to be worrying that I wiped my brow off as I run around all day. This product holds up for events, day-to-day running around, toddler chasing, and work outs. I am beyond happy with with and would recommend it to absolutely anyone.

Oliver Ross
Verified Buyer

I've been using an eyebrow pencil for years, but after trying this, I'm hooked. I hope they keep making it forever. It does require a good eye and steady hand to get it right. Once it's on, it lasts forever and looks fabulous. Natural, yet well defined. I still have some on the following morning.

Manha Berger
Verified Buyer

With being blond, I have no color in my brows and have used a pencil for many years to add color. Also, being in my 60's, my brows are sparse, so another reason is fill in. I've been using this for several weeks and just purchased another one to make sure I have one on hand when the first one runs out. It's easy to brush on and gives a more natural look. With the wider brush, it is easy to apply. Then I use a q-tip to wipe off any that is outside my natural brow line. Definitely recommend.

Sebastian Frame
Verified Buyer

I love this brow pen. I have searched and tried tons of brow products and finally have found one that works for my light eyebrows.

Sumayyah Taylor
Verified Buyer

I had to look a long time for a product easy to use and appropriate to complement gray hair. I finally found it in this product. It takes a very light touch. I'm ordering two more.

Ophelia Nolan
Verified Buyer

Great idea, great natural brown color going on, really works and looks like your own fine eyebrow hairs.

Adam England
Verified Buyer

This is great if you have very sparse brows, you can actually draw some on and fill in too.

Darcy Bonner
Verified Buyer

Wow. I was nervous about using the product because I rarely do my eyebrows. It went on so easy with a few upstrokes and stayed in place all day. Plus it looks great and natural!

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