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Smooth out Wrinkles & Lift Eyelids, without expensive surgery & toxic chemicals!

Hear our verified satisfied clients on their results about this product:

“I have been using this product for 8 weeks. It has really made a difference in the appearance of my eyelids and the skin around my eyes – I am very impressed with the results!” – Jessica W.

“I have been using DERMA+ Eye Gel for about 8 weeks and I am amazed at the results. I can see a difference in my eyelids, it doesn’t show any signs of aging. My eyes look more brighter now and the wrinkles are lighter.” – Betty T.

“I have been using it for 4 weeks and my under eyes look firmer and smoother. I can’t wait to see the results after 8 weeks. IMPRESSIVE.” – Sally J.

Why is there Wrinkles?

Many people develop wrinkles under their eyes as they age. This is due to the thin skin in the area being more susceptible to the effects of aging, such as the skin’s ability to renew itself and collagen loss. The lack of elasticity in the skin around the eyes can cause unwanted features such as puffiness, wrinkles and dark circles.

How does DERMA+ Firm Peptide Firming Eye Gel work?

DERMA+ Firm Peptide Firming Eye Gel is a collagen booster and wrinkle preventer. DERMA+ penetrates deep into skin, activates dormant cells and boost production of collagen to rejuvenate elasticity to your skin with non-toxic peptide. It also increases absorption of nutrients and restores balance to damaged skin barrier. This smoothes wrinkles, reduce puffiness and pigmentations around eye area allowing brighter, firmer eyes. 
DERMA+ promotes successful therapy at the root of the problem — making it much more effective than any topical treatment or over-the-counter product that only gives a temporary stretch to skin, which can worsen fine line and wrinkles around area.


“I am always struggling with serious, dropping eye bags and heavy pigmentations around my eyes. I have tried all kinds of eyes firming and anti-wrinkle products but none ever really works, then my friends recommended DERMA+ Firm Peptide Firming Eye Gel to reduce eye bags and solve my problems. I’ve never seen anything like this and I am thrilled to try it out.”
As I used this product regularly for about 4weeks, I have noticed pigmentations faded around my eyes and reduction of eye bags! I am very happy with my progress. My eyes looks a lot brighter and less tiring with the progress! AMAZING.

“I am so sold and this is definitely a must-have eye firming product! I cannot thank you enough, this saves my confidence and not to mention, makes a very helpful product. Simply lovely, my eyes are much more brighter and firmer compared to the soggy, tiring eyes I got 2 months ago. Incredible addition to skincare products.”



  • Stimulate collagen production
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Regenerate collagen and restore elasticity 
  • Repair damaged skin barrier
  • Deep penetration and moistures skin 


Amin Vargas
Verified Buyer

I had a chance to try Maree patches and I was completely surprised as how quickly they worked over night. I don't get much breakouts but I do get hormonal breakouts sometimes. I usually get the same breakout on the same spot. I used the patch the first night for about 8hrs while I slept, when I woke in the morning I noticed a big difference. My breakouts are ingrown so it tends to bump up, I no longer had that little bump after using it the first night. The pump whent down. I always get the same one on my neck and same thing the little pimple bump was down. Last night I used one on my cheek I had a small pimple that I started picking at and left it noticeable so I put a patch on it overnight, this morning it is no longer red and noticeable. I'm really happy that these patches do work and are also a clean product. I'm usually skeptical about stuff like this so I'm glad I was able to try them and they really worked out great. I highly recommend. My son was making fun of me because I was showing him the patches and told him he has to try them.. He sometimes gets a little breakout and i told him I was wating to use it on him when he breaks out so we can try it out on him. He thinks I'm a little crazy about the things I get excited for. 😊

Saskia Prince
Verified Buyer

These are great. They are the first acne patches I’ve used that I’ve actually liked. I have very sensitive skin, especially on my face and these don’t irritate my face at all. They stay in place so well that I’ve actually woken up with them on and forgot they were there until I saw myself in the mirror. Just have to make sure your skin is dry when you put them on. I’ve been using these for several weeks now and will continue to use them for future bumps and breakouts. They’re cute and fun and they work! For deeper/cystic pimples you might need to apply more than once but you will see a noticeable improvement after one use. For lighter bumps I saw a difference in a matter of hours. Highly recommend.

Elisa Barnett
Verified Buyer

If your looking for a new acne patch to try out, I highly recommend!

Nina Gaines
Verified Buyer

I'll definitely be recommending to my friends and family if they're looking for some under eye gels!

Wanda Mays
Verified Buyer

I love the cute different shapes. I never bought pimple patches before and I didn't want to spend 13 bucks for those smiley ones they sell at target. This has tea tree oil that i heard are great for blemishes. I put one on and went to sleep, I thought it was going to fall off since I do move around in bed a lot at night but nope it stuck on and when I took it off, the blemish had reduced in redness and size. I will definitely buy again.

Jak Lambert
Verified Buyer

These idols are super cute. I can’t wait to use them at the spa next time. My eye area’s do seem kind of relaxed 😌 , but we’ll see how they do with use overtime. They did slide down when I placed them under my eyes. Just a slight nudge back in place. They do feel moisturizing. I’m not sure if they are for sensitive skin only because I haven’t had any reaction myself.

Jose Benjamin
Verified Buyer

The Maree Eye Gels are great! I saw a difference once I took the gels off. I opted to store mine in the refrigerator and the cooling effects were very relaxing and I believe beneficial. Because you receive more than one pair in the package, I even decided to use them for my girls night in with my friends and they liked them a lot too. Give them a try on your next self care day or add them to your nightly routine. I think you’ll love them too! ❤️

Polly Webb
Verified Buyer

I’ve been super lucky with my skin and never getting major breakouts but every so often I get pimples that just won’t go away. I was super excited to finally try an acne patch on the occasional zit that pops up and it was honestly amazing. It stayed on great but wasn’t painful to remove at all. It wasn’t uncomfortable at all while I had it on and I felt like I could tell a difference in my pimple much quicker than usual. Will definitely be keeping these on hand!

Jose Benjamin
Verified Buyer

These eye gels are great in several ways. They have several ingredients that really benefit the look of your puffy eyes. I loved the cooling effect these eye gels had on my eyes. I also love supporting products that are great for the environment, which I learned this product is. The beautiful glitter that is used in these eye gels is biodegradable, so I don’t feel guilty with products that harm the environment. I love that they support the ocean clean up with every purchase; that’s amazing for our oceans and our environment. This is not only a gorgeous product, but also very efficient at doing their job and great for the environment.

Jak Lambert
Verified Buyer

I Can Say That It’s Not Very Often For Me Have Acne During Cooler Months, But Saw Two Small Ones Pop Up & These Patches Really Impressed Me! 😲😱

Wanda Mays
Verified Buyer

These are incredible! I have tried so many different pimple patches and none are as effective as these. They save the day every single time. I randomly get hormonal acne around my chin from time to time and I put these on at night and wake up the next day and they are literally gone. Also they're super cute so I actually like wearing them.

Nina Gaines
Verified Buyer

I use acne patches all the time, I have always used the boring clear ones, but these changed the game! They are so so cute, I love the holographic look and I like that I can choose different shapes each time! And they work! Sometimes it is hard to find things that are both stylish and effective, but these are both! I will for sure be purchasing again!

Cole Gallegos
Verified Buyer

These eye gel patches are amazing, they have the perfect amount of product, so they don’t slide down your face like so many others I’ve used, and they are affordable. I love that they come in individual packages so it’s way more sanitary and who doesn’t love a little sparkle ✨ I used these a few times a week and have seen a noticeable difference in my eye bags & wrinkles!

Barney Friedman
Verified Buyer

I’m new to skincare and all the fun things that go along with it but one thing I’ve never tried were under eye patches until I found these.

Kaden Crawford
Verified Buyer

Maree Eye Gels has become one of my absolute favorite parts of my skincare routine. I only use the eye Gels for 3 days & I absolutely love it.. The Gels are packed with moisture. I really love the Biodegradable earth friendly glitter. Each pack of eye gels has a different packaging and different color gels also. The Gels plump and hydrate my under eye like no other! I love everything about the product!

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